‘A Coming-Home-to-Brooklyn Scandinavian Party’

The Scandinavian Christmas Ball at the Danish Club of Brooklyn in Bay Ridge on Dec. 9. (Photo by Arthur de Gaeta via Brooklyn Reporter)

The Danish Club of Brooklyn hosted its annual Scandinavian Christmas Ball on Dec. 9, a tradition dating back to when Bay Ridge boasted large Scandinavian communities. Coordinator Jeanne Eriksson, who is a member of the band Smörgåsbandet and has been knighted by the king of Sweden, spoke to Brooklyn Reporter‘s Jaime DeJesus.

Over 100 people were in attendance. “We had people that came as far as Norway who attended,” recalled Eriksson. “We had people from Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s basically a coming-home-to-Brooklyn Scandinavian party because at one time the largest Scandinavian community in the United States was Bay Ridge and we try very hard to carry on the Scandinavian heritage and traditions, especially here in New York.”

Eriksson also described the Lucia pageant, a part of the celebration that featured participants in white wearing a crown of candles. Read about the significance of the candles, as well as about a traditional fishing game, and see more photos at Brooklyn Reporter.

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