A Space for Resistance at ‘Mayday’

(Photo courtesy Mayday Space/Facebook via BK Reader)

Since 2014, Mayday Space in Bushwick has provided a center for people to collaborate, learn, create art and build projects with the purpose of bringing justice to vulnerable and underprivileged communities. Project Coordinator Nancy Torres speaks to Anna Bradley-Smith of BK Reader.

“There are many movements in New York City that are fighting for change, for immigrant rights, against police brutality and for livable wages,” Torres explained. “We founded this hub to ensure those folks have an accessible space where they can meet to do the grassroots work.”

Their motto, Torres said, is “con vivir:” to live and build together, break down silos and become a community with intersecting issues that works pre-emptively rather than reactively.

From helping migrants at the Mexican border to holding a “Social Justice Holiday Market,” Mayday and organizations in its network serve marginalized communities in various ways. Find out more at BK Reader.

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