Bronx Activists on Councilman’s Homophobic Comments

Ruben Diaz Sr., with mics, at a rally in his defense in Unionport. (Image via Mott Haven Herald)

Comments Bronx Council member Ruben Diaz Sr. made on Feb. 8 during a radio interview – that when he first took office in 2018 as a City Council member, colleagues kept their distance because “over there, everybody is controlled by the homosexual community” – have generated a surprisingly hopeful response from LGBTQ activists in the South Bronx, a part of which is in Diaz’s district, reports Rachel Rippetoe in Mott Haven Herald.

A borough that has continually elected homophobic officials into office is making strides to amplify gay and queer voices, said Sean Coleman, executive director of Destination Tomorrow, the LGBTQ support group in Mott Haven, adding that the most recent incident is a last gasp of the old Bronx, resisting progress.

“(Diaz Sr.) sees it necessary to speak out because he sees a shift happening,” Coleman said. “He’s threatened by the progress we’ve made.”

The organization’s director of programs, Sage Rivera, “said it’s a good sign for the gay community that elected officials now feel pressured to condemn Diaz Sr., instead of just ignoring him, which until recently was considered acceptable.”

Unlike numerous public officials and other LGBTQ activists, Destination Tomorrow leaders are not pushing for his resignation. Find out why at Mott Haven Herald.

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