Bukharian Community Calls for Hate Crime Charge

The Bukharian Jewish community in New York continues to question why law enforcement did not consider a Nov. 29 attack on teenager David Paltielov a hate crime. On Feb. 3, community members, religious leaders and public officials gathered at the Bukharian Jewish Community Center in Forest Hills, along with Paltielov and his parents, to raise awareness of the rise in bias attacks across the city and to honor Waleska Mendez of Corona who fought off the suspects with a broom.

The Bukharian Times’ Sergey Kadinsky reports that the speakers pointed out the assault on Paltielov was not an isolated incident.

“In January 2019 there were twice as many hate crimes in New York City as January 2018 and most of them were committed against Jews,” said Councilman Rory Lancman. As with this attack, many of the high-profile crimes where individuals were targeted for their beliefs and appearance were not charged as hate crimes. “In my district, a man ran into a mosque yelling, and two weeks ago in Jackson Heights, anti-gay language was used in a attack and it wasn’t deemed a hate crime.”

Lancman called on the police and the Queens District Attorney’s office to be more vigorous in identifying and prosecuting hate crimes.

Abraham Pinkhasov is serving as the community liaison to the 112th Police Precinct. He will “relay police communications to local rabbis, and educate the police on the cultural nuances of the community, among other tasks.”

Read more on the event at The Bukharian Times. For details on the crime, go to Times Ledgers’ coverage of the rally.

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