Family of Brooklyn Hammer Attack Victim Calls for Respect

Members of a Malaysian-American association provided assistance to Benny Ng, the nephew of victim Thang Kheong Ng, on his visit to the U.S. (Photo via Sing Tao Daily)

Although the family of Thang Kheong Ng, one of the three killed in a hammer attack at a Brooklyn Chinese restaurant, is still recovering from the devastating blow of his brutal death, the victim’s nephew, Benny Ng, called on the public to offer their love and respect to not only the victims’ families but also to the perpetrator and his family, rather than only focusing on the racial and hateful aspects of the bloodshed.

The gruesome attack, which took place in mid-January at the Seaport Buffet in Sheepshead Bay when the suspect randomly attacked Chinese people with a hammer, claimed the lives of three including Ng, the manager of the restaurant and a Chinese immigrant from Malaysia. Benny, who arrived in the U.S. from Malaysia to take care of the aftermath [of the tragedy] and related litigation with the help of a Malaysian-American association, told the media on Feb. 25 that the family would like to keep a low profile. He also called on the public to help the suspect and his family as well, and to not just condemn the perpetrator through the prism of a hate crime.

Benny said he came to the U.S. not long after the tragedy and had visited the restaurant and Council members in Queens and Brooklyn, thanks to the arrangements of the association. He said the Mayor’s Office and the NYPD also provided help. All of this helped soothe his wounded heart.

Benny, who plans to go back to Malaysia with his uncle’s ashes soon, said the incident, following the media reports, garnered wide attention in Malaysia too, and people there tend to take it as a hate crime just like many Americans do. But he thinks to label the murderer will only fan the flames of hatred while what is more important is to give everyone involved the respect and help they need. He emphasized that this does not only mean the victims’ families but also the family of the perpetrator. We need to offer more love and care rather than just condemn one another, he said.

Yanying Zhu, president of the Malaysian-American association, said the organization found and contacted Ng’s family right after the incident, and has helped Benny throughout his stay here. Meanwhile, the organization raised $3,000 from their members for Ng’s funeral. She said when Benny goes back to Malaysia, the organization will keep following the case and work as a liaison for the family.

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