Musical Based on ‘El Cóndor Pasa’ Premieres in NYC

The premiere in New York of the musical play “El Cóndor Pasa Esperanza Andina,” by Peruvian composer and director Dante Valdéz was announced recently at a press conference in the General Consulate of Peru. The press conference was hosted by newly appointed Consul Marita Landaveri (…)

The play will be staged on April 25 at Manhattan’s Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, and will be interpreted by the United Nations Staff Recreation Council Symphony Orchestra (UNSRC), thanks to the vision and initiative of promoter María S. Aller.

Ever since Aller met maestro Dante Valdéz in 2015, they have been collaborating to showcase his work in important New York venues. Valdés presented his musical play “Volcán y Mar” in March 2015 at the U.N.’s Dag Hammarskjöld Auditorium (…); in 2016 he was a guest conductor, directing the U.N. Orchestra at the Upper West Side’s Symphony Space in a concert featuring classic and contemporary music from Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico.

This latest musical play by Dante Valdéz “is inspired by traditions and realities in the Andean regions of South America, and addresses the problems of the South American peasantry, confronted with the contradictions of internal migration as the Andeans, gravitating towards the cosmopolitan influence of the cities, abandon their place of origin.”

Born in Arequipa, Dante Valdéz studied for 10 years in the Saint Petersburg Conservatory in Russia. Graduated in orchestra and opera direction, and with an extensive international trajectory, he is currently professor at Peru’s National Conservatory of Music, president of the Peruvian Opera Association, and musical director of the Peruvian Institute of Culture.

On Thursday, April 25, at the Skirball Center, 150 artists, including the chorus and musicians who will play autochthonous Andean instruments – including the famous Peruvian cajón– will accompany dancers representing pieces from the Andean mythology. In this new musical play by Dante Valdéz, the libretto is by Luis Valdéz Pallete, and choreography by award-winning dancer Cynthia Paniagua, a New Yorker of Peruvian descent who is a member of the Fulbright Association.

Several local Peruvian artists will perform, (…) including renowned singer Lula Valdivia, who is very active in the Peruvian community in the tri-state area.

The work’s culmination is the famous song “El Cóndor Pasa,” composed by Peruvian folklorist Daniel Alomía Robles, which was declared a national treasure of Peru and (…) according to the organizers “seals the hope of the Andean people to bring back the greatness of their land’s history.”

(…) The United Nations Staff Recreation Council Symphony Orchestra was founded in 2011 by the U.N. staff to promote the organization’s ideals through music. It is composed of 90 musicians, amateurs and ex professionals from more than 30 countries, and is directed by Serbian musician Pedrac Vasić.

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