Remembering Amadou Diallo 20 Years Later

Kadiatou Diallo (Photo via Amsterdam News)

Two decades after NYPD officers killed her son Amadou – after mistaking his wallet for a gun – Kadiatou Diallo lamented that “unfortunately, Amadou will never get justice and we still feel that there’s not any change. Before hashtags, before Twitter, Amadou’s name echoed around the world.”

In a story in Amsterdam News, Stephon Johnson reports:

According to Kadiatou, Diallo was passionate about education and was about to enroll in college. He sold wares on the street to help raise money to pay his way through college. Diallo’s journey took him to various African countries and Thailand, where he graduated from high school. After a short stint in Singapore, Diallo made his way to the U.S.

“I want people to understand how a young person of Black skin is portrayed by the media,” said Kadiatou. “I want people to know his background.”

All these years later, the change she had hoped for in the relationship between the Black community and the police has not come.

“We didn’t have the change that we were supposed to have because, still, people have been killed and the community is still going through the same things 20 years later. I would hope that in Amadou’s name that we can turn the page. Still, we have many parents who have suffered. Mohammed Bah. Eric Garner. Sean Bell.”

The New York State Assembly introduced a bill calling for a special prosecutor that looks specifically at cases of killings by police. Family members of those killed by officers including Diallo, and those of Sean Bell, Anthony Baez, Eric Garner, Delrawn Small and Yong Xin Huang signed a letter calling the proposal a “major step back.” Find out why and read more from Diallo’s mother, at Amsterdam News.

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