Spirits and Social Justice at Brooklyn Brewery

Danii Oliver, owner of Island to Island Brewery in Flatbush. “I’m not interested in beer that marginalizes people,” she says. “As many people as there are on the planet, that’s as many styles of beer that there are.” (Photo by Regina Bresler via Brooklyn Based)

Located in Taproom 642 is Island to Island Brewery, where founder Danii Oliver brews ciders and beers after years of testing in her Brooklyn kitchen. At Island to Island, the flavors are “unique and at once familiar” with “notes of clove, star anise, and sorrel in many of the pours” and locally-sourced ingredients, writes Regina Bresler in Brooklyn Based.

Oliver tells the publication that she brews beers to “make people have a good time and bring people together. I’m not interested in beer that marginalizes people. As many people as there are on the planet, that’s as many styles of beer that there are.”

Island to Island also offers a diverse collection of spirits and participates in social justice causes.

Origine People Power, aka their black cake porter, takes its flavor cues from traditional Caribbean celebration cake, made with a blend of fruit (currants, raisins, prunes, cherries, lime, lemon and grapefruit peel) soaked in Owney’s Rum, another woman-owned and distilled product made in Brooklyn and blended with Taino Dominican rum, and is named after Origine people, meaning those whose bloodlines originate in the Americas. This isn’t lip-service. Island to Island has teamed with the People Power Project, a grassroots organization that has brought together craft brewers nationwide to support the ACLU, created sustainable clothing whose proceeds benefit homeless shelters through Origine Apparel, and regularly hosts events such as Bashment Without Borders, a reggae party whose proceeds partially go towards the Fianza Fund, a community bond fund to help migrants detained in New Mexico and the far west Texas area.

In addition, Taproom hosts events for the LGBTQ community, as well as for expecting and nursing mothers.

Go to Brooklyn Based to read more from Oliver, including how her business started and how it remains a family affair.

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