Informing Flushing Residents about Human Trafficking

The Human Trafficking Seminar will help explain services available to victims and educate the community about what to look out for. (Photo courtesy of Council member Peter Koo’s office.)

City Council member Peter Koo, who has been working with local women’s shelters to provide outreach services to potential victims of human trafficking, is joining forces with the NYPD, and community organizations including Garden of Hope, an organization which seeks to help victims of sexual abuse to rebuild their lives, to offer a seminar on human trafficking on March 29 from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Flushing Library.

Carlotta Mohamed reports in QNS that Koo last week “partnered with police and community businesses on March 11 to identify and shut down several brothels posing as massage parlors on 40th Road across the street from Bland Playground.”

Once affectionately referred to as “Restaurant Row,” in recent years, the block in the heart of downtown Flushing has turned into a red light district where dozens of girls aggressively solicit sex from people walking down the street 24/7, often venturing into the playground.

“We are seeing this happen sporadically nationwide. Massage parlors are raided by law enforcement, and it later becomes clear that they can be traced back to Flushing,” said Koo. “Sex trafficking needs to be addressed with tremendous sensitivity so victims can be sure they are safe. We also welcome the eyes and ears of the community. If you see something, say something. This seminar will help explain services available to victims and educate our community about what to look out for.”

The seminar, QNS writes, “aims to engage potential victims in Flushing and around New York City, as well as community members who wish to know more about the issue.” Read more at QNS.

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