Jam’it Brings Jamaican Fusion Food to Red Hook

Escovitch (Photo via Red Hook Star-Revue)

The Jamaican fusion restaurant Jam’it opened last month in Red Hook and is the only eatery in the Brooklyn neighborhood featuring Jamaican food, according to Red Hook Star-Revue‘s Nathan Weiser. He speaks to owner Dawn Skeete.

They have classic Jamaican dishes as well as Irie Soul plate dinners. The Ire Soul plates can include a delicious blend of Jamaican meat with American sides, where one can get jerk chicken with potato salad, mac and cheese, collard greens or yams.

They also have a Bredren/Amici section. Amici means friend in Italian, and in Jamaica Bredren also means friend, so this section is a fusion of Jamaican meat with Italian sides/pastas. For example, one can get traditional Rasta Pasta, Pasta Aglio, Pasta Marinara or Pasta Pesto.

“Rasta pasta has become known as fusion of Jamaican spices and Italian pasta,” Skeete said at a table in the restaurant. “Not everyone likes the Rasta pasta, so we do a pasta aglio, we can offer them different types of pasta.”

Go to Red Hook Star-Revue for details on Jam’it’s potential collaboration with the Red Hook Community Farm, its offering of “‘happy’ cultural juices” and how Skeete strives to appeal to the diverse local community.

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