‘Mount Everest Way’ Named in Queens

Members of the Nepalese community turned out for the March 9 co-naming of “Mount Everest Way” in Jackson Heights. (Photo via Everest Times)

As the population of Nepalese living in New York City keeps increasing, the city recognized the community’s presence by co-naming a street in Queens.

The intersection at 75th Street and 31st Avenue was co-named as “Mount Everest Way” on Saturday, March 9, to recognize the community’s influence.

City Council member Costa Constantinides, who has been a frequent guest at Nepalese events, said that the co-naming event honors the Nepalese living here. He added, while talking to the press, that he will always work for the wellbeing of the community.

The co-naming was approved by the City Council in December.

A mini Mount Everest at the co-naming ceremony. (Photo via Everest Times)

Nepal’s ambassador to the U.S., Dr. Arjun Karki, also attended the event.

“This is actually an honor for the whole Nepalese community living in the U.S.,” he said.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 140,000 Nepalese living in the U.S. and about 10,000 Nepalese living in New York.

See more photos and video from the ceremony at Everest Times.

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