Queens Immigrants Hopeful as AOC Opens Shop in Jackson Heights

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez during the opening of her Queens office. (Photo via El Diario)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the young congresswoman who became a national sensation only months ago when she defeated Democratic leader Joseph Crowley in District 14, is ready to put up a fight for reforms in Washington, but also to listen firsthand to the needs of her community, as she opened a new office in Queens on Monday.

(…) After several weeks of renovation work to turn it into a “safe and welcoming” place for her constituents, the office opened on 37 Avenue and 74 Street, in the heart of Jackson Heights. The monthly rent is $5,400, much less than the $15,000 asked by the landlord of the office formerly occupied by Rep. Crowley.

“I hope all the district’s constituents will feel welcome in this office because our mission is to work for the people… Here, we don’t look at income or immigration status, we just want to work so we can establish and create solutions for the problems of the people,” said the representative of Queens and the Bronx, where she will also open an office soon.

(…) “I really like what she has done and it’s good to know that she will be right here and wants to help,” said Ecuadorean worker Germán Roncano, who expects Ocasio-Cortez to fight for housing issues and the undocumented. “There is a lot of hardship here because of the rising rents, and there are also many immigrants in need.”

Colombian immigrant Aura Rosa Méndez also pointed out how Ocasio-Cortez went from being a community activist who worked as a waiter and bartender, to becoming one of the strongest voices in Congress, and was glad to know that she’ll be nearby.

“That’s good. She can help us, especially with the housing problems we have,” said the Jackson Heights resident, adding that she would like to see her in higher office. (…). “I would love for her to be mayor or president.”


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