Venezuelans in NYC Meet with Fabiana Rosales, Wife of Guaidó

Fabiana Rosales speaks to the Venezuelan community at St. Teresa’s Church on March 26. (Photo via NY City Lens)

A day before meeting with President Trump and Vice President Pence, Fabiana Rosales, the wife of self-declared interim president of Venezuela Juan Guaidó, joined members of the diaspora at a mass at St. Teresa’s Church in Manhattan during her first visit to New York. In covering the event for NY City Lens, Josefina de la Fuente writes that Rosales addressed the audience after the ceremony:

“We came to visit our Venezuelan compatriots; we came to talk to you. We are working on a plan to return for the ones that want to come back home.”

One person who wants to return home is 94-year-old María Alcalá, who attended the event with her daughter.

When asked how she felt meeting Fabiana Rosales, Trinidad Alcalá, 70, could not say even one word before bursting into tears. She arrived in 1994 searching for a better future for her children. “I am very emotional. Fabiana Rosales represents the hope—hope in the youth that is freeing our country. This is very beautiful,” said Alcalá, who helped her 94-year-old mother María Alcalá, walking with a four-leg crutch, to write the letter she was determined to give to Rosales.

For María Alcalá and her family, it didn’t matter that they had to wait around 15 minutes standing in a line to meet Rosales. For them, it was a mission.

“I would like to see Venezuela again,” said María Alcalá in Spanish before being almost swallowed by dozens of assistants waiting for a selfie. “I promised to myself that as soon the government fell, I was going to return, because the years are defeating me. I am not going to resist much more.”

Read more from Rosales and members of the local community, at NY City Lens.

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