Crown Heights High-Rise Opponents Garner More Funds

Members of the Movement to Protect the People say shadows from planned developments would harm plants in Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s greenhouses. (Photo by Lore Croghan via Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

A Crown Heights group that has been fighting high-rise developments won a victory recently when a Brooklyn judge issued a temporary restraining order barring all construction work at two sites, and now the group is receiving more financial support, writes Lore Croghan in Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

The Movement to Protect the People received more than $2,000 in donations since then, MTOPP member LaShaun Ellis told the Brooklyn Eagle after the group met on Wednesday night.

From January through mid-April, the tally was about $2,400, she said. There’s a GoFundMe page for the fundraising effort.

She and MTOPP founder Alicia Boyd are petitioners in an Article 78 proceeding about rezoning for high-rise developments at 40 Crown St. and 931 Carroll St.

Article 78 proceedings are lawsuits against government entities.

Croghan writes that Ellis, Boyd and other MTOPP members have argued that the planned construction would cast shadows that would harm plants in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s greenhouses.

They are also opposing the development of another site in the area, known as The Spice Factory. For more on opposition to the developments, and the city’s reaction to the temporary restraining order, go to Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

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