Fighting Gentrification and Making an IMPACCT

Bernell Grier, the executive director of IMPACCT Brooklyn. (Photo by Lore Croghan via Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

Brooklyn Daily Eagle’s Lore Croghan profiles Bernell Grier, the executive director of IMPACCT Brooklyn, a nonprofit that fights tenant displacement and advocates for affordable housing. It will celebrate its 55th anniversary at its annual awards reception on April 25.

The organization is part of Stabilizing NYC, a City Council-funded coalition “to teach tenants how to organize and fight landlords who use ‘unsavory’ tactics to push people out of their homes, said Grier.”

IMPACCT Brooklyn also fights gentrification-related displacement through its ownership of nearly 1,000 units of affordable housing.

Its focus is preserving them as affordable units for the long-term and keeping them out of the hands of investors who are not community-friendly, said Grier, who was a banking executive before she joined the nonprofit world.

As another means of fighting gentrification, IMPACCT Brooklyn and other nonprofit developers have formed an organization called the Joint Operating Entity, or JOE.

The organization employs “mission-based development” in that it works with churches and local community organizations in bringing about affordable housing.

Go to Brooklyn Daily Eagle to read more on the nonprofit’s mission and activities and on Grier’s path from aspiring math teacher to banker to CEO of  Neighborhood Housing Services and in 2016, the head of IMPACCT Brooklyn.

Also read a “success story” involving IMPACCT Brooklyn in a BK Reader article from last year.

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