Finding Peruvian Ice Cream in Queens

Creme & Sugar ice cream parlor and cafe (Photo courtesy of Creme & Sugar via Bushwick Daily)

Jonathan Alvarado, a veterinary anesthesiologist during the week, runs Creme & Sugar on the weekends, “Ridgewood’s only Peruvian coffee shoppe and ice cream parlour,” according to its social media accounts. The eatery sells wine-infused ice cream, notes Bushwick Daily‘s Andrew Karpan, but the “good stuff is on the line above” on the menu.

Lucuma, a native fruit to Peru. Maracuya, or what’s known as passion fruit. Vanilla Pompano, a vanilla native to South America. “I’d say about 80 percent of people who come in are Peruvian,” Alvarado said. Most of New York’s Peruvian community has moved southward, to New Jersey, but this doesn’t bother Alvarado much, “when we like something, it’s worth the distance.”

Lucuma, for instance, are large, orange avocado-shaped fruits. They taste like butterscotch. In ice cream form, they come in bright tangerine-colored dollops. These were flavors Alvarado grew up with and if you have time to stay a spell, he will expound further on the colorful superiority of the ice cream culture of his native Peru.

Read about the Peruvian goods he sells in his store – both edible and non-edible – at Bushwick Daily.

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