Immigrant Artists Cross Borders in Bushwick Exhibit

VERGE (Photo courtesy of curator Jamie Martinez via Bushwick Daily)

On Feb. 15, an exhibition featuring five immigrant artists “on borders, territories, immigration, people, and edges” opened at The Border Space Project in Bushwick – which happened to be the same day President Trump declared a national emergency at the southern border, curator and Border Project founder Jamie Martinez pointed out to Bushwick Daily‘s Savannah Camastro.

The five artists include Anna Costa e Silva from Brazil, Iván Sikic from Peru, Fanny Allié from France, Qinza Najm from Pakistan, and Saks Afridi, born in Pakistan. All live in New York, except for Costa e Silva who lived in the city several years ago and is now based in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

“The idea behind this exhibition is to invert the concept of a wall as a barrier by transforming it into a platform to display five immigrant artists’ work,” Martinez said. “To me, border control at this moment is a heated conversation about the wall which is why I curated this exhibition, as a rebuttal to that conversation. I know that borders have to be controlled but not in an abusive way.”

The message behind VERGE is not centered on just the U.S. border but rather borders around the world. Go to Bushwick Daily for more on the show – which ends Sunday, April 7 – and to hear from artist Fanny Allié on how the border control issue applies in her native France. And learn about her art piece in which “there are no borders or divisions; the figures float freely on a neutral background with no sense of perspective or hierarchy.”

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