‘The Prince of East New York’ Riffs on Immigrant Dreams

East New York Comedian Gastor Almonte. (Photo by Chad Griffith via BK Reader)

Gastor Almonte, the son of Dominican immigrants, is an East New York comedian whose debut album, “Immigrant Made,” is topping the digital charts after its release earlier this month, according to Anna Bradley-Smith in BK Reader. Almonte, who’s known as the “Prince of East New York” and has appeared on Comedy Central and elsewhere, is set to release a video special this Friday on Amazon. The story of his family’s journey is fodder for the comedian.

I want people to hear ‘Immigrant Made’ and think of it is an American story, whether it was a more recent immigration story like for my family or dating further back like for many other families,” Almonte said. “We are a country of people who came here with a vision.”

Almonte was the first of his family born in New York, in a two-bedroom apartment that his parents shared with his aunt, uncle and their three children. His father worked 90 hours a week at a supermarket and a parking garage to save money for a two-family house. His parents continued to invest in more properties to build a small real estate portfolio in East New York.

“My parents have become a small part of the recovery of East New York, at a time when there were a lot of vacant lots and empty properties,” said Almonte. “It’s really become a beautiful neighborhood.”

Almonte remains in East New York and is raising his kids there. Go to BK Reader to learn what Almonte has to say about the dreams of three different generations, and what may seem “outlandish” but isn’t.

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