‘Another Slap in the Face:’ Latinos Blast Trump’s Immigration Plan

Armando Sánchez, from Mexico and Angelina Rivera, from Honduras, reject Trump’s immigration plan. (Photo via El Diario)

Only hours after President Donald Trump announced his new immigration plan, which would transform the way green cards are awarded by benefiting mostly highly-qualified immigrants with special skills and talents, New Yorkers expressed their total opposition. The federal plan would also decrease family- and humanitarian-based resident permits.

After learning about the president’s intentions, Armando Sánchez saw the federal proposal as another attack on the immigrant community.

“This is just Trump randomly throwing stones. It’s another slap in the face because he is always threatening us and this is just another round. I think [immigration policy] should be about equality because, with or without studies, we all have the same value. You can’t measure people’s value, or their contributions to society only looking at their degrees,” said the Mexican immigrant, who has lived in New York for 27 years.

“To me, this is just further proof that Trump doesn’t know what being human is. He can’t put himself in someone else’s shoes because he doesn’t have feelings. He’s just attacking and attacking our people and being a hypocrite because he has had undocumented immigrants working on his golf courses, and we can’t let him get away with it,” added the cook, who says he does not have professional studies. “To me, this is an offense; it is just hateful to tell me that those without studies have less value. That’s why we need to stand up and oppose his proposals.”

Angelina Rivera, from Honduras, who moved to New York two years ago and has a psychology degree, also criticized Trump’s plan (…)

“I am a professional but this plan is unfair to those without studies; it’s like telling people that if they don’t study they have no worth. But I think all of this comes down to politics, because politicians want to stay in power and seek every weapon at hand to achieve that, and that’s what Trump is doing. To me, he looks desperate, trying to please anti-immigrant sectors,” said Rivera who also rejected the proposed change to family-based residence.

“To say that, if sometime I want to sponsor my father or mother they would have to wait more because they don’t have professional studies, is not only unfair but also against the law,” said the immigrant, who is a member of the organization Make the Road.

(…) “Trump’s proposal is just a cheap political strategy designed to play to his base and further codify his anti-immigrant racist agenda,” said Steven Choi, director of the New York Immigration Coalition. “A plan that forces families to separate and stay separated, limits opportunities to access asylum and doesn’t offer a road to citizenship for the country’s hundreds of thousands of Dreamers, is not a plan at all.”


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