Aspiring Designers Have a Show at Brooklyn Library

Models wear Herero-inspired creations by aspiring Brooklyn designers. (Photo by Paul Frangipane via Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

Aspiring fashion designers who completed the 16-week Brooklyn Public Library’s BKLYN Fashion Academy got a chance to see their work modeled at a show last Friday night held at the central library, reports Paul Frangipane in Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

The program offered practical education, studio time and help in navigating the fashion industry, and included teens from Uncommon Charter High School and Uncommon Collegiate Charter High School.

“We have no shortage of creative talent in our community at all,” said model and fashion expert Tamiko White, who hosted Friday’s show. “However, we do have a shortage of business prowess and acumen, access to understanding fashion as a business. And the truth is, knowing fashion as a business is what makes your business profitable and sustainable.”

Students, ranging in age from 17 to over 60, paid homage to the Herero women of Namibia and their Victorian-style dresses, incorporating wearable technology into their designs in a meld of past and future.

The Herero adopted their traditional dress in defiance of their German colonizers, who killed 70 percent of their people between 1904 and 1907. Donning the clothing worn by their oppressors, the Herero found a way to recognize and reclaim their history.

Said White: “Brooklyn has all the style.” View several photos of the designs at Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

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