First Primary Challenger in Queens District in a Decade

Mary Jobaida (Photo courtesy of Jobaida’s campaign via QNS)

Mary Jobaida has filed to run in the 2020 Democratic primary for the 37th Assembly District seat, reports QNS’ Bill Parry. The Bangladeshi American and “self-described progressive Democrat” cited, as one reason for running, the lack of a “true, democratic process” when voting in the primary for the seat as incumbent Catherine Nolan has not had an opponent in more than a decade. Nolan, who has represented western Queens in the state legislature’s lower house since 1985, has not yet announced a run for re-election.

Jobaida believes she could make a difference in Albany fighting for universal healthcare, public financing for state elections, eliminating partisan gerrymandering, enacting term limits for state assembly members and combating the excessive influence of the real estate and fossil fuel industries in New York as her campaign’s top priorities.

“If I win, I will push to place term limits on my very own tenure, because no one should hold a single seat in office for more than a decade,” she said adding that her dream is to create a more inclusive electorate that reflects the entire diversity of downstate New York.

When it comes to the issue of Amazon’s Long Island City location, Jobaida and Nolan stand on opposite sides. Read more on this and Nolan’s response to Jobaida’s candidacy, at QNS.

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