Hispanics Like de Blasio, But Do They Think He Can Beat Trump?

Gerardo Cruz, from Puerto Rico, does not think Bill de Blasio can beat Trump. (Photo by Ramón Frisneda via El Diario)

As Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his presidential candidacy for 2020, New York Hispanics weighed in.

Analyst Carlos Vargas, from the Center for Puerto Rican Studies, said that “de Blasio is widely supported by Black voters, and many Hispanics are also pleased with his management. However, we should look into what his real support among Latinos is, because even though he has promoted many things in favor of immigrants, not all Hispanics who express opinions vote, and not every Hispanic who cast a ballot will vote for him.”

To gauge the opinion of some of those Hispanic New Yorkers who can vote, El Diario walked the streets of El Barrio, in Manhattan, where most residents consulted recognized the work the mayor has done for the immigrant community.

Dominican immigrant Delia Manzueta, 35, found “excellent” the mayor’s idea to run for the White House. “We Hispanics are not represented at all with Donald Trump, and the mayor, after all the time he’s been there, makes me feel that he likes to help our community, and not only Hispanics but everyone all the same.”

Manzueta, who was working on 116th Street promoting a health care center, said she is not worried that de Blasio’s campaign would negatively affect his work in the city. “He surely knows how to find a way to manage both things. And that’s why he can run for that office (presidency) without losing sight of what he needs to do here in the city.”

Street vendor Gerardo Cruz, 64, sees things differently. “Losing focus on the city will affect his own campaign directly, because the tables can be turned on him… this is what I think will happen to de Blasio.”

Cruz, born in Puerto Rico and raised in New York, predicted that the mayor would not win. “I would like him to win because he is not a racist, but that’s not going to happen. And that’s because even though Trump badmouths everyone and doesn’t know anything about politics, you can tell he is going to work hard to remain president.”


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