Bangladeshi Muslims face layoffs, discrimination in Dallas.

After September 11, as layoffs grow across the country, a large number of Bangladeshis, along with other immigrants, are losing their jobs. Mahbubul Alam was one of 135 employees laid off by Texas Marriott Hotel. Alam, who now works as an auditor in New York, told Bangla Patrika that about 5,000 Bangladeshis are employed in Dallas hotels, departmental stores, and gas stations. They face layoffs, along with Bangladeshi professionals, like reputable Bangladeshi engineers who just lost their jobs. Alam also reported that full-time workers have had their hours reduced, perhaps because of racial or religious discrimination.

Many Muslims living in Dallas continue to be harassed when they walk on the street or go to work, Alam added. He also reported allegations of shoplifting at Bangladeshi-owned stores and a brush fire at the Dallas Arbing Mosque.

According to local travel agencies, many Bangladeshis are leaving the country, possibly because of harassment. Sporadic incidents are reported from New Jersey, Atlanta, Dallas, Michigan, Florida and New York as well as religious and racial harassment. Mohommad Afsar Uddin, a Bangladeshi, who is now living in New York, says his co-workers continually call him “Mohommad Atta.”

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