Post-9/11 restaurant respects workers rights

Among the many tragedies that define 9/11, however, there have also been stories of hope and perseverance. One such inspirational story is that of Colors, a restaurant located in downtown Manhattan near New York University.

The origin of Colors goes back to that day 10 years ago, when the attack on the World Trade Center took the lives of 73 employees of Windows on the World, a high-end eatery atop the north tower. In the aftermath, one of the restaurant’s former employees, Fekkak Mamdouh, found himself working with a collective in support of restaurant workers.

Together with a mix of restaurant workers that included former colleagues at Windows on the World, Mamdouh formed an organization to advocate for restaurant worker rights, and to help train workers in an industry where career advancement can range from difficult to nonexistent.

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