“Occupy Wall Street” media wrap-up #2

Continuing with last Friday’s wrap-up on “Occupy Wall Street,” here are more articles from the past week:

  • Coverage on City Limits: Reporters from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism covered more than just the protest — they went inside the demonstrations to find a library, a kitchen and even a medical center. They also look at such complicated subjects as the protesters distrust of the media, women’s safety, donations and accounting and how the protests have affected local food vendors.
  • Diario de Mexico sums up the events from the past weekend. In Spanish. (10/17)
  • Last Saturday, protesters from the Bronx met at Fordham Plaza and went down together to join fellow demonstrators at Zuccotti Park. Both Hunts Points Express (with a photo/audio slideshow below) and Norwood News covered the event, with input from the participants. Hunts Point Express also has a piece from its editor. (10/18-19)

  • As protests go into the second month, local residents, businesses and politicians complain about noise, sanitation and park access. From Downtown Express. (10/19)
  • El Diario La Prensa looks at police conduct and brutality; in particular, the incident with Felix Rivera-Pitre, who was punched in the face by an officer, apparently without motive. Also mentions an officer who used tear gas on a group of women; and police trying to round up as many as possible, including bystanders. In Spanish. (10/19) Subject also covered in The Indypendent. (10/19)
  • From Irish Central: Irish Americans in New York joined forces this past Saturday to take part in the day of global protests in Manhattan which were inspired by the ongoing movement. (10/19)
  • Why they choose to occupy: Downtown Express paints portraits of three protesters, ranging in age from 18 to 90. (10/19)
  • Occupy Wall Street reached Bayside, Queens last Thursday, Oct. 13. Nearly a dozen protesters held signs calling for taxes on corporations. While turnout was not high that rainy morning, all that mattered was getting the message across. From the Queens Courier. (10/19)
  • The Forward profiles Kobi Skolnick, a Jewish settler-turned-peace activist. (10/20)
  • An editorial also in The Forward uses economic statistics to emphasize the need for reform. While the OWS movement may not be so clear-cut, it is at least drawing attention to these issues. (10/20)

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