“Polish concentration camps” in CNN and NPR

This time it was National Public Radio and CNN who used the defamatory statement “Polish concentration camps.”

The unfortunate phrase was used in reports on the reopening in Germany of hundreds of investigations into suspected Nazi camp guards. The decision to reopen the investigations is connected with the trial of a guard from the Sobibor camp – John Demjanjuk, whose conviction in May 2011 became a precedent in German law and opened the door to re-verifying similar cases.

Right after the defamatory phrase was posted on CNN’s website, readers started commenting and pointing to its historical inaccuracy. The station quickly corrected the mistake, removing the word “Polish” from “Polish death camps.”

NPR, meanwhile, used in its news service an even more absurd phrase: “Nazi-occupied Polish death camp.”

Poles immediately took to Facebook to protest. Alarmed, Nowy Dziennik‘s readers started sending emails to our reporters. “NPR is a public radio station supported by public and private funds. In its statute, it says that the radio station is supposed to provide a product that is in accordance with reality and that reflects the highest journalistic standards. As we can see, or rather hear in this case, these standards are, however, not very high,” wrote one of our readers.

Stefan Komar, who has for many years been fighting with American media, demanding that they stop using the phrase, says, “There is no reason for anybody to call those death camps in that manner. Using this very expression indicates a lack of respect for those Poles who fought against the invaders and, out of honor, refused to collaborate with them. It also profanes the memory of those who died at the hands of Hitler’s supporters.”

A petition against the usage of the historically inaccurate phrase is posted on the Kosciuszko Foundation’s website.

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  1. Today CNN shines again march 17 2012 – same phrase

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