Walesa coming to support Wall Street protest

Protesters from Occupy Wall Street have invited former Polish president and Nobel Prize Winner Lech Walesa to join and support them. In an interview with the Polish media, Mr. Walesa said he would visit with the protesters. “Improving the life of ordinary people, ending corruption and concern for social justice are goals that should sound very familiar to you,” wrote Matthew Blair, organizer of the protest against capitalism and social inequalities, in a letter to Mr. Walesa, a copy of which “Nowy Dziennik” obtained. “You and the ordinary working people of the ten million strong Solidarity movement in Poland thirty years ago broke down the barriers and the walls of the old world, and demonstrated to all that the impossible was possible,” he wrote.

Piotr Milo Milewski, a correspondent with the Polish Radio Zet station, confirmed that in an interview with the radio station’s reporters, Mr. Walesa said that he accepted the invitation and, in spite of many other obligations, he would come to New York within a month. He also added that he hoped that another Nobel Peace Prize Winner, President Barack Obama, would join him in talks with the members of the Occupy Wall Street movement.
“The Nobel Prize carries obligations,” Mr. Walesa said, confirming that he was planning to fly to New York. “We need to find a way of healing the whole situation so that we can avoid anarchy,” Mr. Walesa explained.

The protests in Manhattan started on September 17th and then spread to other American cities. Commenting on the protests, Mr. Walesa pointed out in a TV interview in Poland that the members of Occupy Wall Street rally against “the economy which enriches only a few and thrusts the rest on the street.”

In an email to “Nowy Dziennik”, Blair wrote: “Should Mr. Walesa make an appearance it will place emphasis on the fact that the struggle here in New York is linked to a struggle which has been occurring in the world-over for ages…. The spectacular union presence at Foley Square on October 6th is a strong connection in my mind that Mr. Walesa will intuitively understand…. The Solidarity movement in Poland, and its non-violent means of affecting broad social change, was an obvious inspiration not only to myself but to many of the other historically-minded protesters at Occupy Wall Street.”

Other known figures have turned up at Zuccotti Park to address protesters. Among them are leftist intellectuals like Naomi Klein, the author of bestsellers like “No Logo” and “Doctrine of Shock,” as well as the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek.

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