“Occupy Wall Street” media wrap-up #4

From week of Oct. 24:

  • Does New York’s Occupy Wall Street demonstration offer a haven for anti-Semites. No way, according to 15 prominent Jews, including former Gov. Eliot Spitzer and Teachers Union head Randi Weingarten. But Jewish Week columnist Jonathan Mark isn’t so sure. He looks back to the notorious bigot of the 1930s Father Coughlin, and worries that “banker” is code for “Jew.” And the paper reports that a Kosher dairy restaurant near Zuccotti Park has lost most of its business because of the demonstration.
  • “Stop and frisk don’t stop the crime. Stop and frisk is the crime,” protesters chanted as they marched to the 28th Precinct in Harlem, where more than two dozen protesters, including scholar Cornel West, were arrested on Oct. 21, the Amsterdam News reported. Also from the Amsterdam News is a column by Jonathan P. Hicks on the need to stop New York’s “horrendous stop and frisk” policy.
  • Video of a white-shirted police officer suddenly punching a demonstrator during an Occupy Wall Street march on Oct. 14 went viral. The punch appeared to be unprovoked, and it knocked the marcher out cold. After finding the demonstrator and discovering that he is Felix Rivera-Pitre, an HIV-positive gay man, Gay City News asks, “Did Homophobia Trigger Cop’s Punch?” An Oct. 31 update stated that Rivera-Pitre’s lawyer says the policeman who slugged his client, Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona, may face charges for assault.
  • Saying she doesn’t fit the protest stereotype, Queens Chronicle profiles an 81-year-old Forest Hills resident taking part in the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in the financial district. Her issue? Fracking.
  • An editorial from El Diario La Prensa (in English) attributes the income gap to Reagan’s “trickle down” policy. Now, the middle class stands vulnerable and at risk of disappearing.
  • From El Tiempo (in English): Immigration rights become part of the protests. Activists say that undocumented immigrants are also affected by financial waste and what the Occupy Wall Streeters are protesting against.
  • DNAinfo reports that firefighters descended on the Zuccotti Park encampment Friday morning, searching tents and confiscating generators and gasoline tanks. It was the city’s biggest incursion into the camp since the protest began.
  • From Tribeca Trib: Residents speak out at a forum on the Zuccotti Park occupation.
  • Downtown Express reports that Community Board 1 passes O.W.S. resolution in response to concerns of noise and sanitation. However, enforcement issues remain.
  • Posted in the Indypendent, video of protesters discussing their attitude towards the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, The Riverdale Press examines the relationship between the Occupy movement and local politicians.
  • Restaurants in the vicinity of Zuccotti Park have been especially hard hit by the Occupy Wall Street protests, according to Downtown Express. The occupiers use their bathrooms; the police barricade their entrances; and the customers avoid them. Walk-in traffic is down by at least half.

From week of Oct. 31:

  • Reports DNAinfo, Milk Street Cafe on Wall Street had a 30% sales drop since the protests started; 21 workers had to be let go. Downtown Express looks at how businesses in the Wall Street area have been impacted and how they view the protests.
  • Downtown Express also considers, in light of the past weekend’s snowstorm, how winter could affect OWS.

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