“Occupy Wall Street” media wrap-up #6

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, Nov. 15, police in riot gear cleared demonstrators from Zuccotti Park, which had been home of the Occupy Wall Street movement for almost two months. Later in the day, a judge ruled that protesters could return to the park but they would not be able to bring with them tents, sleeping bags and other equipment meant for encampment.

Articles from after protesters were cleared from Zuccotti Park:

  • Clearing out the park, as reported by World Journal (in Chinese). Article also mentions that organizers call on protesters to learn from the Tienanmen Square protests in 1989, and from the experience of Wang Weilin who stopped the PLA tanks from marching into the square.

           Extensive coverage from DNAinfo:

Articles prior or unrelated to the Nov. 15 eviction:

  • Occupy Sunset Park grows, reports Home Reporter News: Fifteen people showed up in Sunset Park, Brooklyn for the first Occupy meeting, on Oct. 22.  By the next week there were 30, the following week 50. The group identifies with the people in Zuccotti Park, but has distinctive issues of its own, says the minister who is one of its organizers: “gentrification, immigration, the criminal justice system and the banking system here in the Sunset Park area.”
  • Reports Our Time Press, Brownsville marchers send message: Marchers from the predominantly Black Brownsville neighborhood in Brooklyn had a reminder for Occupy Wall Street: Remember “that the 1% got to be the 1% by first stealing the labor of African-American ancestors and using it as “starter capital” to clear the land, build the roads, and plant and harvest the crops. To load ships with slave-produced goods, and then use the unloaded ballast as cobblestones on New York streets.”
  • From Queens Latino: Language means everything when broadcasting a message, especially in connecting with an audience and generating their interest. With that in mind, some of the Spanish-speakers involved in Occupy Wall Street began translating The Occupied Wall Street Journal into Spanish, and by the fifth issue [being released later this month], producing original content. This way, they could reach more of the Latino population and bring them into the dialogue.
  • Youth Communication covers the protests, with background and economic information, and how the demonstrations are relevant to teens. Also has a video with young activists describing their reasons for joining the movement.
  • A video in Spanish on the Latino voices found among the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Occupy Wall Street and the labor movement:

  • From Norwood News: Over the weekend, about 75 protesters from Zuccotti Park moved their protest uptown to the Bronx where they joined Woodlawn Cemetery workersand union members in protest against what they claim are unfair and racist practices at the landmark cemetery.

    Occupy Woodlawn Cemetery

    (Credit: David Greene/Norwood News)

  • DNAinfo reports that hundreds from building and transit workers’ unions (32BJ SEIU and TWU 100, respectively) protested Tuesday (Nov. 15) in front of the Sheraton Hotel at 811 7th Avenue where contract negotiations were being discussed. They called on negotiators to not cut pay and benefits.

    Unions rally during negotiations

    (Credit: Mathew Katz/DNAinfo)

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