Polish Americans outraged over SNL skit

Polish Americans are outraged over a “Saturday Night Live” skit that took an ethnic jab at Polish Airlines pilot Tadeusz Wrona, dubbed the “Polish Sully” after he safely landed a plane with malfunctioning landing gear in early November.

Seth Myers, a popular comedian on SNL, said “Polish Sully”—a reference to the pilot who successfully landed his crippled plane in the Hudson River–may have forgotten the plane had a landing gear.

“I believe a ‘Polish Sully’ is when you land a boat at an airport,” Myers said.

Many Poles called Myer’s skit a typical “Polish joke” based on ethnic stereotypes and prejudice.

Alex Storozynski, the president of a Polish American organization, wrote a letter to NBC executives and defended Wrona, saying he is a hero who saved the lives of 230 passengers.

Wrona landed a Boeing 767 on its belly at a Warsaw airport on Nov. 1 after its landing gear was crippled.

At a recent community gathering in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Wrona received a hero’s welcome from Polish Americans, politicians and city officials.

The pilot remained humble, and said he didn’t believe his actions were heroic.

“We all just did our job,” Wrona said. “I thank God for the ability to concentrate on that moment which allowed me to land safely.”

Wrona was named Man of the Year by the Polish & Slavic Center and received a flag that hung in the White House in his honor, as well as a certificate of merit, which proclaimed him an American hero.

This article is a combined translation of two stories from Nowy Dziennik (in Polish): “Polish Americans outraged over SNL joke” (11/14) and “Captain Pilot Wrona visits Greenpoint” (11/17).

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  1. Seth Meyers’ anti-Polish hate jokes are hardly NBC-TV’s first Nazi subhuman intelligence jokes against Polish people.
    In light of NBC-TV for decades having shows that contain Nazi subhuman intelligence jokes against Polish people – some Polish Americans today joke that NBC-TV is the “Nazi Broadcasting Corporation”.

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