Suffolk rallies against hate

Focusing on the new administration elected on Tuesday to lead Suffolk County, the Long Island Immigrant Alliance held a rally Wednesday (11/9) outside the Suffolk Legislature to call for making Suffolk a “Hate Free Zone.”

Speakers at the rally, held to commemorate the third anniversary of the hate killing of Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero in Patchogue, called on newly-elected County Executive Steve Bellone to keep his promises to counter hatred in Suffolk and to include immigrants in government.

They renewed their call to create sites where day laborers could gather to be hired by contractors.

Speakers also condemned Rep. Peter King whose comments and Congressional hearings on Muslim Americans and Muslim immigrants aroused hatred, they said.


  • Long Island Wins: Marcelo Lucero’s brother fights back (10/21)
  • Long Island Wins: According to community members and advocates at a Bay Shore press conference on September 21, Suffolk County police consistently deny basic services to residents with limited English proficiency. (10/3)

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