Latina women in retail earn less than $10/hour

RAP/CUNY Retail Wage Survey

A new study by the Retail Action Project and the City University of New York shows 53 percent of African American and 77 percent of Latina women earn less than $10 an hour.

Additionally, a dramatic gender gap was found in the retail industry, where women generally earn a median $9 an hour, compared to $10.13/hr paid to men.

Colorlines reports that while many retailers benefited from holiday sales, the workers hired to help meet that demand are often stuck in temporary, low-wage jobs.

“We’re happy that more people have the opportunity to go back to work, but the majority of jobs created are low-wage, part time, and seasonal. The retail industry is thriving and can do better,” said Retail Action Project’s Carrie Gleason.

Retail is a core part of the New York City economy. The CUNY/RAP study tracked wages and working conditions of frontline non-managerial workers in the booming retail industry, particularly among large employers and chain stores. The data surveyed 435 retail workers ranging from high-end 5th Avenue luxury stores to discount off-brand chains in the Bronx.

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