Hundreds march for voters’ rights

About 500 New Yorkers staged a march for voters rights, and against proposed state election laws requiring photo identification at the polls. It’s not an issue that affects New Yorkers, but voters in other states will be required to show government issued photo id to vote in the next election.

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This year, 34 states introduced legislation requiring government issued photo identification to vote. Seven of those states passed the proposals into law, adding to Georgia and Indiana, where voter ID was already required. Republicans, the lead sponsors of voter ID laws, say the measures are aimed at preventing voter fraud. Democrats say those laws suppress the votes of the poor, legal immigrants, minorities and young people. And even though such laws are unlikely to pass in New York, those attending the Stand for Freedom march wanted to add their voices in solidarity with those states where ID requirements have been passed or are being considered.

Marchers carried signs reading “Voter Suppression is Unamerican” and “My Vote, Our Rights, Our Fight.” They walked 10 blocks to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza across from the United Nations.

Jonathan Brater, counsel with the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law, said that in a heavily Democratic state like New York, there isn’t much hope that voter ID laws will pass. “Legislation has been introduced in the majority of states,” he said. “I don’t think it’s necessarily surprising it’s been introduced in New York, but I don’t know that it reflects any popular support for it.”


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