Pakistani-Americans worry about breakdown in relations

Pakistani-Americans are concerned about the latest slump in relations between their two countries. The long standing strain escalated on May 1, when US Navy Seals raided a compound in Pakistan and killed Osama Bin Laden, without prior warning to the Pakistani government. Then in July, President Obama deferred millions of dollars in aid to Pakistan’s military. And on Nov 26, a NATO airstrike accidentally killed 24 Pakistani soldiers near the Afghanistan border. A US investigation concluded that both countries were partly to blame, but now Pakistan has decided to rethink its relationship with the US.

In this Feet in Two Worlds podcastMohsin Zaheer, the founder and editor of The Pakistani Newspaper and the editor of Sada-e-Pakistan, an Urdu-language weekly in New York, talks about the shock waves rolling through the Pakistani American community.  In a conversation with Fi2W Executive Producer John Rudolph, Mohsin discusses the concerns of Pakistani immigrants as well as their desire to help rebuild the battered relationship between the two nations.

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