Polish American radio coming to NY

A new Polish language radio station launches in December. Polskie Radio USA will air from Teaneck, NJ at frequencies 1160 AM and 1520 AM.

The idea for the new station came from Ewa Strzałkowska, formerly a program director for Polskie Radio Nowy Jork 910 AM, which was dissolved half a year ago. The new radio program has bought airtime from an American radio station.

“My dream is to develop it into a large, professional radio station that broadcasts 24/7 and employs a large team of good reporters. For now however, due to financial constraints, we can only broadcast for a couple of hours a day. For the same reason, our team in the beginning won’t be big,” said Strzałkowska, who is launching the new radio with her husband Andrzej Krygowski.

The radio station will work with with Marcin Filipowski, a well-known Polish-American reporter, while news segments will be prepared by journalists who used to work for Polskie Radio Chicago 1030 AM.

“You will hear many people you know from the the old radio stations. We will also introduce new voices and new topics. However, we want to devote most of the time to local issues and problems,” Starzałkowska said.

Polskie Radio USA’s schedule will be presented during the first broadcast on December 5, and a week later it will be available at the radio station’s website. “Soon people will be able to listen to us on the Internet,” says the organizer.

In order to reach the maximum number of people, the radio station will air simultaneously at two frequencies (from a transmitter in New Jersey at 1160 AM to New Jersey and New York, and from a transmitter in Long Island at 1520 AM to Long Island and parts of New York and Connecticut).

“Transmitters for this radio station are much stronger than those we used for 910 AM radio,” explained Strzałkowska at the Polish Peoples Home-Cracovia in Wallington, New Jersey.

“Currently, Poles living in the New York metro area do not have their own radio station. That’s why this initiative has been met with huge interest in the Polish-American community. We need a Polish language radio station in the New York area. People say that to us everyday. Radio is one of the most popular and most accessible mass mediums. It is the fastest source of information and the most effective form of advertisement,” Strzałkowska added.

“There is a lot of work ahead of us. Opening a new station is a huge challenge, but if the Polonia support us, we will expand,” she concluded.


  1. stefan radecki says:

    pani Ewo gratuluje. Czy moge jakos pomoc?

  2. elaine narozniak shultz says:

    we have a relative named Eleanor, but have lost track of her. We beli eve she still lives in North Jersey and used ( or still does ) to broadcast a Polish radio show in Jersey. Do you have any info on her?

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