Politicians disagree with Bronx redistricting proposal

Redistricting proposals are drawing fire from elected officials in the Bronx. Common Cause/New York, a non-profit, nonpartisan, citizens’ lobby is proposing to keep communities together when district lines are redrawn. And the Riverdale Press reports that this might result in a few elected representatives losing power in the Bronx:

If Common Cause had its way, the seat currently held by Rep. Eliot Engel would be pushed out of the Bronx completely; Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz’s current seat would lose parts of the Bronx while gaining a chunk of Manhattan; and Riverdale would become part of a congressional district with a Hispanic majority voting population…

Mr. Dinowitz said he thinks the proposals put race ahead of neighborhoods…

Mr. Engel is not a fan of the proposal.

Common Cause explains on its website that their reform plan draws two majority Black districts, an increase from one drawn during the last redistricting cycle. and eight majority Hispanic districts, one more than currently exists:

“Overall the population of the Bronx grew by almost 4% since 2000, but the Hispanic population increased by over 20%, making the Bronx a majority-Hispanic borough for the first time.”

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