Cold winter in Brooklyn shelter

Auburn Family Reception Center, Brooklyn

Auburn Family Reception Center in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

It’s another cold winter for homeless families living in one of the city’s worst shelters.

The Auburn Family Reception Center in Fort Greene, Brooklyn is known as the birth place of basketball legend Michael Jordan (back when it was Cumberland Hospital), but it is also notorious for  poor heating, misbehaving security guards, and as Brooklyn Ink reports, really bad food:

J. N. and her daughter N. N., Auburn residents since February, shake their heads angrily when describing the food at Auburn. “The food, forget it, you don’t want to know. Like, a month ago, there were maggots in the food,” J. N. says. “Maggots,” she repeats, pounding her cane on the ground furiously.

“If we could get a camera in there, the first thing I would capture would be the kitchen, because it’s so disgusting,” J. N. says. She says that they have been served old or expired food many times, a statement that has been repeated by six other residents interviewed for this article.


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