Comptroller looks into Bronx park funding

The Riverdale Press is reporting that following an Independent Budget Office study on funding for parks in the Bronx, the City Comptroller has decided to conduct an audit to see if the Bronx was in fact cheated out of its share of city funding.

From The Riverdale Press:

Community activists and local politicians, especially Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, have long suspected the city reduced regular capital funding for Bronx parks as Croton mitigation money kicked in.

Mr. Dinowitz and community activists asked City Comptroller John Liu to look into the discrepancies.

“We’re looking into whether, in fact, the entire $240 million has been invested in improving the local parks here,” Mr. Liu said in a recent interview at the Riverdale Diner.

Mr. Liu’s office later confirmed there is an ongoing audit into Parks capital spending, including the Croton mitigation money.

When money going to Yankee Stadium is excluded entirely, the total given to Bronx parks from the mayor’s office was $296.4 million, compared to Brooklyn ($657.9 million), Manhattan ($651.5 million), Queens ($431 million, excluding $136 million for Citi Field), Staten Island ($245.6 million) and citywide funding for parks ($302.9 million). If you include funding going toward the restored parks at or around Yankee Stadium, the Bronx total comes to $470.5 million.

“Was the $240 million on top of what was already committed or did it simply replace what was already committed?” Mr. Liu said.

Mr. Dinowitz was pleased that the issue is on the comptroller’s radar.

The IBO report on Bronx park funding was first reported in The Riverdale Press in December.

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