Ethnically diverse race for Queens Boro President

From El Diario La Prensa:

The list of candidates to replace Queens borough president Helen Marshall in 2013 is growing.

Add assembly member Grace Meng to the list of possible candidates, which until now has been comprised of city council members Peter Vallone Jr. and Leroy Comrie, and state senator José Peralta.

With Meng entering the competition, an Asian female would be added to the race, where she would run against a Latino (Peralta) and an African-American (Comrie).

This will make Vallone the only white candidate. Vallone is the son of the powerful ex-president of the city council, who has the same last name, and has more financial muscle power than his opponents at this point in time.

It’s not surprising that the race would turn out like this. Queens has a population that is 27.6% white, 17.7% African-American, 22% Asian, and 26.9% Hispanic.

Sources have reported that Peralta would be the candidate most affected by Meng’s possible entry into the race.

From The Queens Gazette:

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall is the first African American to hold the office of Queens borough president and the second woman to do so.

The 55th governor of New York state, David Paterson, the first African American to hold that office, served from 2008 to 2010.

On the “rising tides lifts all boats” premise, John Liu, in 2002 the first Asian- American elected to the New York City Council, became the first Asian-American to hold citywide elected office as Comptroller in 2010.

Jose Peralta remains the first Hispanic American elected to the New York state Assembly.


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