Filipino slams US cash for visas plan

Applications for EB-5 visas have quadrupled over the last four years.

The visa grants two year green cards to investors who fork over $500,000 to $1M to create or maintain 10 jobs.

Although New York area developers have raised more than a Billion dollars from this visa over the past few years, critics are slamming the plan, saying this immigration policy has little to do with the huddled  masses yearning for a better life in America.

An editorial in The Filipino Reporter states:

Many Filipinos in this comfort zone in their homeland would be foolish to succumb to this temptation being dangled by the U.S. under a federal immigration program to spur a tottering economy.

What would a green card do to this affluent sector of Philippine society?

Not much really.

They can afford to send their children to exclusive American schools.

And when they get their degrees, they come home to land juicy management positions in leading companies, some of them family-owned.

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