Push for paid sick leave for NYC workers

Editorial from Women’s eNews:

One and a half million New Yorkers face a terrible dilemma when they or their child become ill. That’s because they have no paid sick days.

When the Department of Health or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tell you to keep a child with the flu home, how are you supposed to do that when you have no paid sick time?

About one and a half million working New Yorkers–and 40 million workers nationwide–do not have a single hour of paid sick time to use when they or a family member is sick.

The burden falls especially hard on low-income working moms, who often work in job sectors with the least paid sick time–retail and food service.

In New York City over half of public-school parents have no paid sick time, and the situation is even worse for low-income parents, 65 percent of whom have no paid sick days.

Women’s rights groups, civil rights groups, labor unions, public health organizations, nurses, doctors, restaurant workers and retail workers–met on the steps of City Hall on Wednesday to relaunch efforts to make (a new bill to grant sick paid time) a reality.

That new bill will exempt the smallest “mom and pop” businesses from having to pay workers for sick time while insuring job protection for their workers so they don’t have to worry about choosing between staying home with an illness or sick child or keeping their job.

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