Voices in Focus: Giants Celebrations, Immigration Law and a Soul Flash Mob

The celebratory mood was palpable across the city this morning, after the New York Giants’ dramatic last-minute victory yesterday in their Superbowl win over the New England Patriots.

For those looking to re-live the triumphant moment, Gothamist offered up this collection of photos and video of celebrations last night in Times Square.

El Diario’s coverage of the Superbowl included an article in Spanish on Madonna’s half-time show, and the obscene gesture by the singer M.I.A. that may have upstaged the older pop star.

Elsewhere in the community and ethnic press, Long Island Wins marked the fourth anniversary of their useful Immigration 101 series, which has published more then 40 articles on immigration law and every facet of the immigration process.

We came across two pieces on possible changes in the works for low-wage workers:

* With a bill in the New York State Assembly that would raise the minimum hourly wage from $7.25 to $8.50 an hour, MetroFocus interviewed workers who make minimum wage, including a McDonalds worker, a cashier, a locksmith and an ice-cream scooper.

“I don’t make enough to support myself,” explained Rahima Wachuku, a 29-year-old front desk clerk at a New York Sports Club who lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. “At this point I’m living on beans and bread. If it [minimum wage] were raised, I’d be able to eat better food, I’d be able to get health care, I could finally get glasses.”

* And Women’s eNews examined the possibility that the sub-minimum wage — the below-minimum wage rate that “tipped workers” often earn — might rise in the wake of Occupy Wall Street movements nationwide. The article includes this dispiriting nugget from Sylvia A. Allegretto, co-chair of the Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics at the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment of the University of California, Berkeley:

Allegretto’s research shows that female tipped workers, overall, average 50 cents less per hour than their male counterparts because they are employed in lower paying sectors, such as food service and home health.

Among wait staff, the wage gap is even worse: women earn 83 cents less per hour than do men because they are more likely to be employed by fast food restaurants than fine dining establishments.

On a lighter note, The Root caught the video above of a flash-mob tribute to Don Cornelius, the Soul Train founder who died last week of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The dancers in Times Square re-created the show’s famous “Soul Train line,” each strutting up to the camera in their own groovy style.

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