Queens Bachata Fans Enjoy Intimate Gigs With Big Stars


Bachata, a popular dance music from the Dominican Republic, has a growing audience for its sentimental lyrics and rhythmic sounds. And Queens is the place to enjoy live Bachata in a cozy, intimate setting, DNAinfo reported. The Bachata star Frank Reyes, known as “Prince of Bachata,” recently performed at La Boom nightclub:

Reyes has released countless viral music videos and even played Madison Square Garden. Despite those credentials, he was performing at 3 a.m. on Wednesday, his voice drowning out the clacking of high heels at La Boom nightclub at 56-15 Northern Boulevard, in an area few would expect to host an international celebrity.

“You have to understand this music, bachata music, was born in small, little places for poor people,” said the concert’s promoter, Cesar Cabrera, adding that bachata singers enjoy intimate settings like La Boom. “Close contact with people — that’s what they like.”

Other Queens bachata hotspots include Jubilee Restaurant Lounge and Maracas New York nightclub.

Queens bachata fans show their appreciation for the scene’s stars on the dance floor.

Club performances also offer a release for bachata fans who say they would feel restrained in larger venues where crowds typically sit and watch a singer rather than dance.

“When I hear that music, I immediately need to, want to, my legs just force me to dance,” said Matthew Diaz, 26, of South Ozone Park. “You just grab the closest girl to you and get on the dance floor.”

For some of the stars, Queens is where they got their start.

Bachata’s most famous heartthrobs, such as Prince Royce and lead singer Romeo Santos of the band Aventura, now hit up venues larger than what Queens can offer, though they did play there often as beginners. Still, Queens crowds can hear singers just a rung below those superstars on a regular basis

Even though smaller gigs aren’t as lucrative as arena shows, their relative frequency can make them worthwhile financially for performers.

In a typical month, Reyes can make $700,000 with about 30 to 40 parties at nightclubs, Cabrera said. Reyes could command higher individual rates by playing large venues, but Cabrera said the occasional nature of the concerts makes them less profitable as a whole for bachata stars.

DNAinfo shot this video clip of Bachata star Frank Reyes’ performance.


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