Tailor to the Stars Donates Suits to Struggling Job-Seekers

The New York-based tailor Mohan Ramchandani of Mohan’s Custom Tailors, known for dressing sports stars, has a new clientele for his bespoke suits: 17 men with troubled pasts who just graduated from a job training program.

Ramchandani has partnered with the Hope Program — a non-profit that provides job training and career services to unemployed people with past addictions, incarcerations or educational deficiencies — to give the graduates new suits and more confidence in their job search, reported News India Times.

“In the custom-made suit, you will feel much better,” Ramchandani explained. “When you feel much better, then you really impress somebody.”

With measuring tape around his neck, it's another day of work for Mohan Ramchandani.

Mohan Ramchandani (Photo from News India Times)

His own story is pretty impressive.

As an immigrant born in Ahmedabad, India, who started out with little money and little space, he can relate to the struggles of the 17 men.

Reminiscing about his early days, Ramchandani said it’s a combination of hard and flawless work, luck, God’s blessings and an excellent clientele that has helped him reach this far. “I didn’t speak English, I never went to school, but little by little I got the customers and I built up my business,” he said.

He has now been providing suits to the rich and famous for over 30 years. Ramchandani opened his first showroom in New York at the Roosevelt Hotel. Now he works from Mohan’s Custom Tailors on 42nd Street, where he has been since 1980.

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