Voices in Focus: Parents Rally to Support Former Shuang Wen Principal

Parents and students from the Shuang Wen School protested in support of its former principal yesterday. (Photo by Liu Daqi/World Journal)

* The news that the Department of Education is seeking to dismiss the beloved former principal of the Shuang Wen School in the Lower East Side over charges of misconduct has infuriated some in the school’s community. Both the Singtao Daily and the World Journal covered a rally they held yesterday, and OurChinatown offered a translated recap:

A group of parents and students from the Shuang Wen community collectively voiced their dissatisfaction and disagreement, again, over the New York City Department of Education’s (DOE) handling and treatment of Shuang Wen and Principal Ling Ling Chou, who has headed the school since it opened in 1998, at a rally yesterday.

* Previously we have highlighted coverage of a women’s cleaning co-op, Si Se Puede! (We Can Do It!), in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Well, yesterday El Diario La Prensa profiled another women’s cleaning co-op, the first in Upper Manhattan, Ecomundo Cleaning.

“Ecomundo Cleaning is a response to the few opportunities for employment and falling wages in today’s economy,” said [Jennifer Welles, coordinator of Cooperatives of Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation]. “A lot of companies that tend to hire immigrants and low-skilled professional workers, such as factories, restaurants, beauty salons and small businesses, have been laying off employees and closing their doors.”

A cleaning co-op in Upper Manhattan seeks to provide employment and a safer work environment for its cleaners. (Photo by Cortesía/EDLP)

The company’s name, which means “eco-world” reflects its attitude to the chemicals used for household cleaning.

The cooperative provides a green alternative for cleaning, promoting the use of non-toxic products, which protect its members from exposure to harmful chemicals and benefits customers by reducing pollution in their homes and businesses.

* Here at Voices of NY, we have enjoyed a series of profiles that MetroFocus ran for Immigrant Heritage Week — including several individuals and organizations that appear regularly on our website. Among the immigrant activists whose work is highlighted: Abraham Paulos, whose own brush with deportation put him on the path to becoming the executive director of the Families for Freedom, “an organizing center against deportation” based in Manhattan; Tania Mattos, the young Bolivian advocacy coordinator at the New York State Youth Leadership Council, whose march to Albany we covered this week; and Javier Valdes, the co-executive director of Make the Road New York, an organization whose advocacy for immigrant workers is often mentioned on Voices of NY.

* Feet in 2 Worlds published an analysis by Angelo Falcón, President of the National Institute for Latino Policy, of a recent poll of voters weighing in on the upcoming mayoral race:

A NY1 News/Marist College poll released yesterday found a racially divided electorate in New York City. On their preferences for the next Democratic nomination for New York City Mayor, Mayor Bloomberg’s approval rating and the directions the city is going, significant differences along racial-ethnic lines emerged. Latinos, along with Blacks, found themselves taking different positions than the city’s White registered voters.

For more details on the differences, check out the Feet in 2 Worlds article. Speaking of Feet in 2 Worlds, the organization also announced the details of an upcoming weekend-long workshop for members of the ethnic media:

Feet in 2 Worlds is offering a limited number of spaces to immigrant and ethnic media journalists in New York City at a weekend workshop focused on developing audio skills and refining story pitches. Over the course of three days, participants will gain hands-on experience in audio field recording and digital audio editing. Participants will also submit story ideas and pitches to be critiqued during the workshop.  The weekend will culminate in a story pitching session with editors from our partner media organizations.

Applications are due by 5 PM on Friday, May 18.

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