City Settles Police Brutality Case, Paying $360,000 to Brooklyn Couple

Civil rights attorneys Evelyn and Michael Warren say they were beaten by cops in 2007. (Photo by Amadi Ajamu/Amsterdam News)

A Brooklyn couple claimed a small victory earlier today when they settled a lawsuit claiming police brutality for $360,000, according to NY1.

As Amsterdam News reported last week, the noted Brooklyn civil rights attorneys Michael and Evelyn Warren were to appear at Brooklyn Federal Court this morning for a jury trial over their 2007 confrontation with several police officers. When they tried to intervene after seeing police beating a handcuffed suspect, the couple alleged, police turned on them, beating and then arresting them.

AmNews was at their jury selection session last week:

The true essence of the People’s Republic of Brooklyn came out in force to demand that officers of the 77th Precinct and the NYPD brass in Brooklyn and Manhattan right a wrong that occurred when cops allegedly beat and arrested the Warrens after they witnessed the violent assault and arrest of a young man.

Mere minutes after the Warrens were arrested, word went out, calls were made and the people came out in great number to swarm the lobby of the Crown Heights cop shop.

Though the Warrens were eventually released and the charges against them were dropped, they pursued a civil case against the officers, who have maintained that they did no wrong. In an earlier interview with the publication, the Warrens explained that, during the incident, they witnessed a number of officers kicking a handcuffed youth in his head and ribs. When he asked the officer who appeared to be in charge why he was beating the teenager, Michael Warren told the newspaper, the confrontation took a sharp turn for the worse.

In an interview with the Amsterdam News back in June 2007, Michael Warren said, “We were told to get back in the vehicle, and after that I was viciously assaulted by Sergeant [Steven] Talvy and my wife was assaulted, and we were arrested.”

He said that Talvy punched both of them as they sat in their car. Talvy then dragged him out of his car, tearing his clothes.

The episode was quickly brought to the attention of politicians and several community organizations, who called top NYPD brass and demanded the two attorneys’ release.

To the cheers and relief of the hundreds amassed in and around the 77th Precinct, Evelyn Warren was released at about 10:30 p.m. with a summons, while her husband was released an hour later with a desk appearance ticket.

Rallies and protests followed, as supporters demanded that District Attorney Charles Hynes drop the charges against the Warrens.

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