A Brooklyn K-Pop Dream Come True

Donika Sterling, who suffers from a progressive nerve disorder, is to go to Korea with her family to meet her K-pop heroes. (Photo via News Kann)

Korean pop music, known as “K-pop,” has found fans of its glamor and catchy tunes around the world, including in Brooklyn, where one teenage girl’s most fervent wish is to meet her favorite K-pop stars.

Donika Sterling, 15, suffers from a progressive nerve disorder known as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, News Kann reported. When the disease made it hard for her to tolerate the pain, K-pop gave her hope, the Korean publication reported, and she also enjoyed watching Korean dramas on YouTube.

Her wish will be granted this month when Herbert Black, the president of American Iron & Metal, will fly her to Korea to meet her idols. Black had been cared for by her grandmother, a nurse, when he was at a Manhattan hospital, and he hoped to repay her.

Her grandmother told Black that her granddaughter was terminally ill, with just five years to live. “So, please grant my granddaughter’s wish,” she told him. Black met her granddaughter and asked what she wanted. She told him that she could not go on a trip, due to her illness.

Black promised, “I can take you all over the world,” and Sterling answered “all I want to do is meet the K-pop stars, especially SHINee and Super Junior, in Korea. And I have a dream of marrying a Korean man.”

Sterling and her family are set to go to Korea on June 16. Below is a video on Sterling from the Korean Broadcasting channel JTBC (via Kim & Bae, the attorneys who are handling the gift for Black).

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