Chinatown Landlords Among City’s ‘Worst’

Chinese landlords and several buildings in Chinatown were among the 330 landlords and 360 buildings shamed by New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio on the recently updated “NYC’s Worst Landlords Watch List,” reported the Chinese-language World Journal. Below are some excerpts from the article.

The landlord of 197 Madison St. made another appearance on the list of worst landlords. (Via NY World Journal)

One Chinatown landlord, responsible for 197 Madison St., made a repeat appearance on the list. But the number of violations has decreased by nearly half.

The building is owned by KL Father and Son Inc.  It also appeared on the 2010 list.  According to records from April 5, 2011 to July 8, 2012, it has 73 violations, about 67 fewer violations compared to the past.  Nonetheless, the tenants are not surprised that it appears on the list.  They said that landlord is really “disappointing.”

Residential tenants aren’t the only ones disappointed. Poor upkeep can spell disaster for small businesses, especially restaurants.

According to the building’s business tenants, the building has constant water leakage problems. Although they have complained to the landlord, the landlord has not done anything.  It is only when they [resort to legal action], that the landlord finally agrees to fix the problems.  One tenant, who has been renting the space for less than a year and who operates a restaurant, said that water leakage happens every week.

“Water leakage is fatal to running a business,” he said. “As soon as Department of Health finds out about the water leakage, our rating will go from A to C.  Customers don’t want to frequent the business when they see water leaking.”

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