‘Korean Food District’ in the Works in Flushing

The proposed Korean Food District

The Queens neighborhood of Murray Hill is well-known for its Korean restaurants. Now Korean-Americans are seeking to designate the area a ‘Korean Food District,’ the Korea Times reported. A translation of the article is below.

A project to construct ‘Korean Food District’ as the hub of globalized Korean cuisine is in the works in Flushing, Queens.

On Aug. 16, according to the Korean American Association of Queens, the project will create a district near 149th Street in Murray Hill, where Korean restaurants are concentrated. Specialized Korean restaurants are working to promote Korean food and culture effectively.

At 149th Street and 41st Avenue, the entrance to this district, a large guidance board in English will be set up to promote the district to other ethnic groups, at the request of Peter Koo, a member of the New York City Council. The English official name has not yet been determined, and it is between ‘Korean Food District’ or ‘Korean Restaurant District.’ Explanations of Korean restaurants in the district will be provided too. After the association is registered as non-profit organization, it will ask for the funds needed from New York City government, to cover the expenses.

“Korean food districts providing diverse and decent Korean food, like the one in Flushing, are rarely found in the United States,” said Jebong Ryu, a representative of the association. “Next month, I will have a face-to-face talk with Koo and discuss details to develop the area to become specialized as Korean food district.”

Cooperating with the Korean Food Foundation, the association will distribute Korean food promotional brochures and menu flyers to non-Korean customers and second- or third-generation Koreans who have often visited the district recently.

Meanwhile, recently, it is clear that the blocks from 149th Street to 150th Street, from Roosevelt Avenue to 41st Avenue, where Korean restaurants and bars are concentrated, have fascinated customers of many different races.

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