Video: Back Home, to a War Zone

Growing up in Sweden, Khazar Fatemi was often asked, “where are you from?” She said she never really knew how to answer the question.

Fatemi and her family fled violence in Afganistan when she was 8, and moved to Sweden, where she grew up to became a successful journalist on a national television station. She said she now considers Sweden her home, but has always had a nagging feeling that she doesn’t fully belong.

After September 11, 2001, Fatemi felt a need rediscover her roots, and explore her memories of Afghanistan. So she convinced her parents, and then her news editor, to let her travel to her birthplace and film her documentary, “Where My Heart Beats.”

She said she wanted to show people that Afghanistan is not only a war-torn country, but a country full of culture and history, including her own.

Her documentary is now used by the Swedish military as a training tool for troops. Fatemi was recently in New York City to screen her film. She sat down with Voices of New York to talk about it for the video above.

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